sipeed maix bit risc-v ai+lot k210 inline panel bit wifi + m12 camera + 2.4 inch display module development board kit

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    sipeed maix bit risc-v ai+lot k210 inline panel bit wifi + m12 camera + 2.4 inch display module development board kit


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    MAIX Bit It is a member of the MAIX product line of Sipeed. It means the smallest unit of computer storage. The design idea of this product is small and precise.
    The size is 53.3*25.4mm, double row pin can straight into the breadboard is Easy DIY.
    MaixPy introduces: MaixPy firmware is micropython firmware, which makes it easy for everyone to use AI algorithms and the operation of conventional microcontrollers; MaixPy firmware is compatible with most APIs of OpenMV!Buying the MAIX development board is equivalent to having an OpenMV development board that is three times the price of the MAIX development board! And the measured power of the algorithm is 2~3 times of the STM32H7 version! The power of the AI algorithm is even more than 1000 times that of the STM32H7 version of openmv! That’s right, it’s 1000 times!

    MAIX bit VS OPENMV V4 
      MAIX series  OPENMV V4
    Chip K210 STM32H743
    Chip core Dual-core RISC-V 64bit IMAFDC ARM Cortex-M7 32bit
    Main frequency Nominal 400M, can exceed 600M Nominal 400M
    RAM 6MB general purpose memory + 2MB AI memory 1MB
    Flash 16MB 2MB
    Mpy support Support, MaixPy open source project Support, openmv open source project
    Conventional vision algorithm Supported, compatible with most openmv algorithms Openmv algorithm
    Conventional visual algorithm speed 2~3 times in openmv v4
    Neural network algorithm Support, encapsulates the nnn class of mpy Support, encapsulates the nnn class of mpy
    Neural network algorithm speed Hundreds of GOPS (thousands of times STM32) Hundreds of MOPS
    Face detection speed (QVGA, RGB image) Conventional algorithm 6 frames, About 2 frames
    AI acceleration can reach more than 60 frames
    Price (RMB) 69~239 499
    Is it commercially available? Commercial stamp hole module NO

    Introduction to the MAIX Bit board:
    1. Using Kendryte K210 AI master, the main frequency is 400M (can be overclocked to 600M), the multiplication operation is 0.23TOPS, and the total power is 1TOPS.
    2. Using 128Mbit high-speed and large-capacity Flash, multi-model switching without pressure.
    3. Onboard high-speed USB to serial chip CH340The serial port baud rate can reach 2Mbps~ At the same time, the onboard automatic download circuit, one-click burning download.
    4. Onboard RGB LED, the marquee is high!
    5. Onboard reset, BOOT/USR button
    6. Use the latest USB Type-C interface, stable, high speed
    7. Onboard 24pin DVP camera interface
    8. Onboard 24pin 8bit MCU LCD interface
    9. Package selection Standard M12 interface camera, default with 4mm focal length HD lens (with 650nm infrared cut filter), users can change the lens by themselves
    10. Onboard TF card slot

    Package includes:

    1 x bit WiFi (optional)
    1 x MAIX Bit (optional) 
    1 x 2.4″ display module (optional)
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