dc20d generator controller generator control module dc8-36v ac20-276v 10-70hz

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    dc20d generator controller generator control module dc8-36v ac20-276v 10-70hz

    Oorspronkelijke prijs was: €192,99.Huidige prijs is: €90,99.

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    Deel via:
    DC20D is one module used for diesel engine or generator. 
    It is with the functions of auto star/stop,protection and alarm indication.
    DC power and running situation is indicated on the front panel. 
    The status of the engine and generator can be checked conveniently 
    because these parameters of over frequency,low frequency, over voltage, 
    under voltage, low oil pressure,high temperature,low water level,low oil level,
    charge failure,over-time stop, emergency stop alarm system
    as well as low battery voltage can be indicated in time.
    The output connector is connected with traditional relay
    which can burden more output current.
    The parameters can also be set by the front face buttons
    so that it can be used in different kinds of situations.
    DC Supply: DC8-36V
    Power Consumption: Max 3W
    Measuring Frequency: 10-70Hz
    AC Input: AC20-276V
    Relay Output: Start output: max 3.5A
    Fuel Output: Max3.5A
    Comfigurable Output: Max 3.5A
    Excitation Output: Max 1A
    Size: 78*75*67mm
    Panel Cut-out: 67*67mm
    Micro-computer control
    Man/auto start/stop
    5 units LED tube display
    LED and fault alarm code indication
    Two group of programmed relay output
    Application for various kinds of engine by self-setting
    Control function
    Barring auto control
    Start delay control
    Man start/stop
    Remote auto start/stop
    Auto escape from motor, motor escape from oil pressure switch
    Pre-heat control
    Cooling control
    Stop/Idle control
    Parameters display
    AC voltage
    Battery voltage
    Oil pressure
    Water temperature
    Accumulated running time
    Low oil pressure
    Low coolant water level
    High coolant water temperature
    Over voltage
    Over frequency/over speed
    Emergency stop
    Stop failure
    Start failure
    Low fuel level
    Low battery voltage
    Configuration methods
    Configuration can be set on the front-face buttons
    Package Included:
    1 X DC20D Generator Control Module

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